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Page of Go. Quick Links. See also: Ower's Manual. Table of Contents. Yamaha mu synthesizer: owners manual pages. Yamaha mu15 synthesizer: owners manual pages. Yamaha musical instrument owner's manual pages. Channel messages 1. Note-on is transmitted when a note is pressed, and note-off is transmitted when a note is released. These messages contain a "note number" which indicates the key that was played, and a "velocity" Page 29 MIDI data format 1.

This is used to adjust the volume balance between parts. Page 30 1. Control Parameter Data Range Page 31 MIDI data format 1. Page 32 Drum instrument chorus send level rr: drum instrument note number mm: 00 - Controller Value Pitch bend change 0 center Channel pressure 0 off Polyphonic key pressure 0 off Modulation 0 off Breath control maximum Foot control However, data cannot be exchanged unless the receiving and transmitting devices are set to the same Device Number.

Page 35 SSH. The same applies elsewhere. Page 36 2. Unlike parameter change messages, a single message will modify multiple parameters. Settings are transmitted in the format of an XG parameter change refer to 2. Page Realtime Messages This message is used to prevent problems which could occur if a MIDI cable were to be disconnected or broken during a performance.

Page 41 MIDI data format 4. Control Parameter Hold1 When ON, currently-sounding notes will be sustained even after note-off is received. Page 42 The currently-sounding harmony notes are numbered sequentially beginning from the lowest note.

When the value is 0, panning will be random. For random panning with Vocoder harmony, the pan position will change at each key-on. For random panning with Chordal harmony, the pan position will change whenever the chord changes.

Page 43 MIDI data format 4. Grand HnkyTonk E. Piano1 E. Piano2 Harpsi.The Yamaha PortaTone keyboards combine the most advanced AWM tone generation technology with state-of-the-art digital electronics and features to give us stunning sound quality with maximum musical enjoyment.

GM System Level 1 is a standard specification that defines the arrangement of voices in a tone generator and its MIDI functionality, ensuring that data can be played back with substantially the same sounds on any GM-compatible tone generator, regardless of its manufacturer or model.

Since PSRthe program change number for Piano is given as This applies to all other voices as well. Model after model new voices were added in each category based on GM. Numbers Not as GM Order. Click here to view this file in your browser. We will enjoy a full musical experience that includes unlimited expansion voices and effect functions. It provides a larger number of voices Voices.

Yamaha MU-series

Some examples of the Parametres of XG Voices are provided in the table below. It provides for increased polyphony, greater voice selection, expanded voice parameters, and integrated effect processing. The table below provides some examples of Parameters of GM2 Voices. In the same way as Yamaha XG, GS is a major enhancement of the GM specifically to provide more Voices and Drum kits and their variations, as well as greater expressive control over Voices and effects.

The table below provides some examples of parameters of GS Voices. DSP effects add more colour to the voices. The parameter values of panel voices in 7K, some given same as PSR and many as different values and different names.

yamaha xg voice list

In panel voices the basic LSB value is given as Some examples of panel voices and parameters for PSR are given in the table below.

Featured Voices - Detailed explanations are given in first introduced models. Legacy Folder - As the number of available panel voices grew model after model, new voices were placed in the panel section. Old panel voices were shifted to a Legacy folder. Links to download the Excel files or view the data online are provided for all the keyboards listed below.

yamaha xg voice list

One extraordinary voice, called a Sweet! Voice, is included. Voice - This acoustic instrument sounds also benefit from Yamaha's sophisticated technology and feature a sound so finely detailed and natural, with Delayed Vibrato. We can swear that we are playing the real thing! Click here to view the contents of that Excel file in your browser. Be aware that there are multiple pages included.

Yamaha Motif Rack - Voice sound

Click on the links at the bottom to move from page to page. PSR is the top level keyboard released next after the PSR with more stunning panel voices including more Sweet! It carries all 8K panel voices and more additional voices. For example, Guitars are sampled by decreasing 1 octave; Basses are sampled by decreasing 2 octaves; Piccolo, Glocken are sampled by increasing 1 octave.Bee Flat Blue.

Electric Monks. Sun Dude DreamingXG. The Yamaha site with this XG Midi library is no longer available on the internet. Thanks to Onacimus Sahayan, however, we can provide you with many of these original XG midi files. The original file names were quite cryptic.

yamaha xg voice list

However, the midi file itself often has information about the correct song title, the composer, year, and producer. There are quite a few composers included, and many of these are renowned for their compostions for movies, tv productions and multimedia. I'm not sure who actually prepared the midi files, but since they are all copyrighted by Yamaha, I've used "Yamaha" as the "performer" for these midi files.


I have renamed these files with the correct song titles and divided them into three sections. The first includes those midi files that are still available for download from Yamaha in case you've already downloaded these. The remainder are divided into those where the composer is provided, organized by composer, and the rest, organized by category. In addition, also thanks to Onacimus who has been able to extract some of the midi songs used as demos on some Yamaha keyboards, we are also providing midi files of those demos.

If you want to show off what your keyboard can do, these files may be just what you're looking for. Below are the PSR demo songs given to me by one of our friends. They are in one zip file, which contains three folders: Voices, Styles, and Other. I have preceded each midi filename with the instrument it was from or or When recording the style demo songs, only Channels were transferred from the master to the PSR The styles were recorded using styles in theeither preset or in the user area.

These songs are usable only in 3K and later because style demos use Mega voices and the other voices are re-voiced to Sweet, Cool, and Live voices and standard voices in the 3k. Now it's easier than ever to see, hear, and play along with the thousands of MIDI files available on the web.

Buy it or Try it today! Sweet Tenor 2, Sweet Trumpet 2, Cool! Guitar, Clean Guitar 2, Grand Piano 2. Piano, Trance, W. Waltz, A.Also See for MU Owner's manual - pages. Page of Go. Quick Links.

Download this manual See also: Ower's Manual. Table of Contents. Yamaha mu synthesizer: owners manual pages.

Yamaha mu15 synthesizer: owners manual pages. Yamaha musical instrument owner's manual pages. Page 4: Effect Type List An effect reminiscent of a jet airplane taking off and landing. Chorus effect without modulation, created by adding a slightly pitch-shifted sound. Cyclically changes the phase to modulate the sound.

Bypass without applying an effect. Page 6 Holds down the output when the input exceeds a specified level. Can also be used to add a sense of attack to the sound. Gates the input when the input signal falls below a specified level. Page Effect Data Assign Table 5. Page 25 Page 26 Page Midi Data Format This message control the panning stereo location of each part. Page 28 Since this is a relative change parameter, it specifies an increase or decrease relative to Lower values will produce a more mellow sound.

For some sounds, the effective range may be less than the possible range of settings. Page 29 G8 Data Range The following RPN messages can be received. Page 31 Page 33 However this message will not be received in any of the following cases.

Each message sets a single parameter. Unlike parameter change messages, a single message can modify multiple parameters. Page 36 0lllllll 2. The output is transmitted in the format of a MU native parameter change refer to 2. Page 37 2. The output is in the same format as an MU native bulk dump refer to 2.

Exclusive status Page 44 Page 46 A A16, BPage of 42 Go. Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Yamaha virtual acoustic plug-in board owner's manual 56 pages. Part of the modular synthesis plug-in system 10 pages. Analog physical modeling plug-in board modular synthesis plug-in system 76 pages.

Summary of Contents for Yamaha PLGXG Page 2 If these corrective measures do not produce satisfactory results, please contact the local retailer authorized to distribute this type of product.

Here, pitch bend is used liberally in various phrases throughout the song to create authentic sounding brass parts, while control change numbers 74 Brightness and 11 Expression are applied many of the parts for a highly expressive, natural sound. The instruction steps below assume that you are using XGworks V3. This will differ depending on your particular instrument. When using MU-series instruments such as the MU or MUkeep in mind that the PLGXG voices can only be selected remotely from the connected computer, and not from the front panel of the instrument itself.

Yamaha QY700 Reference

This means that adjustments made to the parameters may not result in much change to the actual sound, depending on the original settings of the voice.

Piano1 Electric Piano 2 E. Piano2 Harpsichord Harpsi. Clavi Clavi. Chromatic Celesta Celesta Channel messages 1. Page 27 1. Page 29 1. This message is generally used to modify the pitch of a part, but the depth of the following seven effects can be controlled. Each message can set a single parameter. The message format is as follows.

Yamaha MU128 Sound List & Midi Data

Page Product Warranty 5. Falls ein Copyrightgesetz oder eine Bestimmung der Lizenzbedingungen verletzt wird, wird automatisch und ohne Benachrich- tigung durch Yamaha die Lizenzvereinbarung beendet. Veuillez lire attentivement ce contrat de licence. Page 41 For details of products, please contact your nearest Yamaha or the authorized distributor listed below.

Page 42 M. V POCP5. Comments to this Manuals Your Name:. Enter text from picture:. Latest comments:. Print page 1 Print document 42 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign in OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password.Also See for QY Owner's manual - pages. Page of 43 Go. Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Ower's Manual. Reference Listings. XG Voice List XG Drum List Effect Type List Effect Parameter List Phrase List Chord Type List Groove Template List Table of Contents.

Yamaha music sequencer owner's manual qy20 pages. Yamaha qy music sequencers: supplementary guide 72 pages. Yamaha music sequencer qy owner's manual pages. Yamaha qy-8 music sequencers: user guide 90 pages. Yamaha music sequencer operation manual pages. Yamaha qy music sequencers: user guide pages. HALL1 Reverb simulating the resonance of a hall.

HALL2 Reverb simulating the resonance of a hall. ROOM1 Reverb simulating the resonance of a room. ROOM2 Reverb simulating the resonance of a room. FC Table MW. FC Reverb Time FC No. Value No.

Phrase Name Phrase No. Then use Data Entry to set the value of the specified parameter. Page 43 M. Comments to this Manuals Your Name:.

Enter text from picture:. Latest comments:. Print page 1 Print document 43 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign in OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password.It is similar in purpose to the Roland GS standard. Relative to General MIDI, XG gained popularity by increasing the number of available instruments from to overand introduced a large set of standard controllers and parameters that composers could employ to achieve greater subtlety and realism in their compositions.

The XG also has a synthesizer that provides a 32 note polyphonic feature which is shared through the supported 16 MIDI channels. XG has a wide range of sounds to form such complex chords and produces a vast variety of lower synthesizer sounds to choose from. Coupled with their tone-generator, both devices included an on-board 4MB sound bank chip of sampled instruments and became highly desirable among MIDI fans due to their crisp, high-quality sounds similar to the newer models of Roland Sound Canvas [ citation needed ].

yamaha xg voice list

These devices feature an effects processing system with individual stereo reverb and chorus effects on any of 16 channels, and the ability to route any of the channels through an additional 'insertion' effect, and even guitar amp and wah-wah pedal simulations. The SWXG was popular in the professional music industry, and many of Yamaha's amateur and professional keyboards implement either XG or a subset, known as "XGlite". Most XG standard tone generators can switch itself into TGB mode, which is an emulation of the competing Roland GS standard that allows adequate playback of musical data bearing the GS logo.

It used a 2 MB or 4 MB wavetable sound set, and was common among non-professional users who needed a cheap, high-quality MIDI synthesizer for purposes such as playing games that rely on MIDI to produce music and sound effects.

Korgdue to its close relationship with Yamaha, released three instruments with XG compatibility:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see XG disambiguation. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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